Videos para aprender vocabulario en INGLES – “I like Women” – Maradona

July 8, 2010Interviews, Videos

Videos para aprender y practicar INGLES – “I LIKE WOMEN Maradona World Cup Interview–  -VIDEO #13


Today we want to share a funny video where Maradona is interviewed in English. An English journalist asks him a strange question and Maradona’s reaction is priceless. Remember to first watch the video before reading the transcript.

Hoy les traemos un video cortito de una entrevista al astro argentino Diego Armando Maradona en donde un Inglés le hace una pregunta un tanto rara. Recuerden de ver el video primero y traten de entenderlo antes de ver los significados.

Maradona Interview : ” I LIKE WOMEN” – “Me gustan las Mujeres”

[youtube JoXH6LAlB2Q super video]

Vocabulary / Transcript

English Phrases Significado
You’re very affectionate with your players Affectionate: cariñoso(a)
Lots of hugs and kisses Hugs: abrazos

Kisses : besos

Can love help win the world cup.. Win: ganar
and is this how you’re naturally affectionate with everybody? Everybody : todos
or is this something that you learned as a player As: como (como jugador de futbol)
Do you respond better…

Maybe the translation is uh..

Maybe: quizas

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