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July 14, 2010Videos

Videos para aprender y practicar INGLES – “How to use TWITTER” – Como usar TWITTER – Video #14


Today we have a new video. Many people use twitter these days but I have recieved many questions regarding its use and importance. To be honest with you, at first I didn’t understand twitter. However it is a great online tool to get and send information and in today’s video you will learn how to use twitter.

¿Qué es Twitter? ¿Cómo uso Twitter? En este video aprenderemos como usar twitter. Recuerden que la transcripción está al final de la entrada despues del video.

What is twitter? How do I use it? How can I register?

Video “How to use TWITTER?”


Twitter is growing at an impressive rate Grow : crecerRate: velocidad
Now, what does twitter look like?How does it work and how do you get started with it? Look like : description
In this film, you learn everything you need to know to get started with twitter Know : saber/conocer
The word twitter means to chirp Mean: significarChirp: piar (como cantan los pajaritos)
Hence the little bird that you see in the logo Hence: por consiguiente
To twitter is to send out short messages which are known as tweets Send out: mandar
When you send such a message, it can be read by everyone who follows you Follow: seguir
In other words, your followers In other words: en otras palabras
Conversely, you can read the tweets of the people you follow. Conversely: a la inversa
For example, with twitter you can send out short bits of news that are interesting for your circle of friends Bit: pedazo
Or in a professional context for your colleagues, clients or other interested parties Party: conocido también como “fiesta” en este contexto es “grupo”
That’s why twitter is called a social medium Medium: medio (en este caso un punto medio, como un vehículo social)
You get to know what the people in your network are busy with and vice versa Network: red
Twitter messages are text messages but they can also contain link to WebPages photos or short films Also: también
Today, many news messages appear first on twitter before they are taken up by traditional media Appear: aparecerMedia: los medios de comunicación
Now, what does twitter look like?
The messages of the people you follow appear on your personal  twitter page in chronological order
When you want to send out a message yourself Yourself: tu mismo / por tu cuenta
Then you type it out of the question, what’s happening? Type: tipear
Your tweet is then sent out to all your followers
A twitter message can contain a maximum of 140 characters, that’s a little less than the number of characters of an SMS
You can also include special characters Include: incluir
For example, when you want to direct a message to an specific user, then you place an “at” sign before his or her twitter name Place: colocarArroba (@): “at” sign
You place the “hash” key in front of the particular subject which is interesting for searches on that subject # : “hash” keySearch: busqueda
And the letters “RT” in a message stand for retweet Stand for: representar
This indicates that a message will be repeated of forwarded. Forwarded: enviar
In this way you can easily forward an important message to your followers Easily: facilmente
So, how do you get started with twitter, very easy.
Surf to twitter dot com Surf: navegar (en el Internet)
And register yourself
Choose a name, fill in your details and your account will be created Fill in: llenar
Then first look for a few friends to follow by the find people function Look for: buscar
You can also follow celebrities such as Britney Spears, Lance Armstrong or Barack Obama
When you find someone interesting to follow then  click on follow
Twitter is a unique source of information Source: fuente
And also has a search function
By a twitter search, you can read what people say, think or recommend about a subject right now and in real time Subject: tema
While you use Facebook cheekily to communicate with your current friends with twitter you easily get to know new people Cheekily: audazmenteCurrent: actualGet to know: conocer
People who relate things that you find interesting
People with whom you share a hobby, passion or occupation Share: compartir
Try out twitter and find out what’s happening in the world right now Try out: probarFind out: averiguar

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