Hablar de posesiones en INGLES – HAVE vs HAVE GOT

January 18, 2010Conversation / Speaking

Curso de inglés por internet gratis – CONVERSATION SPEAKING #4


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Today we are going to talk about possessions. We are going to talk about the structure TO HAVE and HAVE GOT. Thank you for your comments and your support.

Hoy hablaremos de como expresar posesión usando la  estructura TO HAVE y HAVE GOT. Esta sección se a renombrado de Communicative activity a Conversation and Speaking y esta es la entrada o lecciion #4.

Talking about possessions

I) Present simple: TO HAVE

We can use the verb TO HAVE to talk about possessions. Remember to use correctly the structure of the present simple.

(+) I have a dog / My friend has a car / We have a computer in our room (Leccíon 10a PRESENT SIMPLE SIMPLE positivo)
(-) I don’t have a cat / She doesn’t have a brother / They don’t have any money (Leccion 10b PRESENT SIMPLE positivo y preguntas)
(?) Do you have any pets? / Does Mike have a bike? / Do they have any friends?

As we see, we use has or have in the positive form. He/she/it has and I/we/you/they have. Remember that the negative form is formed by placing the auxiliary don’t and doesn’t before the verb.

II) Present perfect structure HAVE GOT

To express possession we can also use the structure HAVE GOT. We have to use the present perfect structure.

(+) I have got a dog / My friend has got a car / We have got a computer (Lección 26 PRESENT PERFECT – estructura)
WITH CONTRACTIONS: (+) I’ve got a dog / My friend’s got a car / We’ve got a computer.

(-) I haven’t got a cat / She hasn’t got a brother / We haven’t got any money
(?) Have you got any pets? / Has Mike got a bike? / Have they got any friends?

To use correctly the HAVE GOT we need to use the present perfect structure (click here to go to the present perfect class) but remember that we use HAVE GOT for POSSESSIONS. This means that the Auxiliaries are have and has and we DO NOT USE don’t and doesn’t.

Common mistakes (errors communes)

I haven’t any sisters: The structure is INCORRECT. Remember to use the present simple structure or the present perfect structure.
Correct: I haven’t got any sisters – OR—I don’t have any sisters

I got a Playstation 3: This is very used in the USA but it is a colloquial phrase and is grammatically incorrect.
Correct: I haven’t got a Playstation 3 – OR—I don’t have a Playstation 3.

Do you got a car? / Have you a car? : It is important that you do not get confused with the structures.
Correct: Do you have a car? / Have you got a car?

*** Como vemos podemos hablar de possessions con el verbo TO HAVE o con la estructura HAVE GOT. Viene a ser lo mismo y se entiende como TENER. En el inglés Británico es mas común el HAVE GOT pero ambos son usados comúnmente.


You will hear two persons talking about family (Vocabulario LECCION ) First listen without reading and pay attention to the use of HAVE GOT.

*** La forma HAVE GOT muchas veces causa dificultades a la hora de escuchar ya que estamos mas acostumbrados al verbo TO HAVE debido a mayor influencia de USA en nuestros países. Sin embargo es importante saber como entender ambas formas. Escuchen la actividad primero antes de leer.

Transcript / Transcripción de la actividad de “listening” (Lección de VOCABULARIO DE LA FAMILIA)

Speaker #1:
We’re a big family. I’m very lucky, I suppose. I live alone now. My husband’s dead. But my children HAVE GOT houses near here. My daughter is a teacher here in the town and I see her at weekends. She’s married. Her husband, Greg, is American. He’s very nice and kind. He’S GOTa job with a computer company. They’ve got a two-year-old daughter, Philippa. I’VE GOT three sons. Kevin and Josh are both married with children. Henry is still single. He´s a medical student at university.

Speaker #2:
I’m tewnty-eight and I live in Britain now. I’ve got a good job here. My family are all in the States so I don’t see them much. I’m married and we’ve got a beautiful daughter. Her name is Philippa. My wife, Sally has got three brothers. Her fater’s dead and her mother lives near us. She’s not very independent, though. Always at our home. She helps Sally look after our daughter. She’s a wonderful grandmother and Philippa loves her.

*** Quiero aclarar que TO HAVE y HAVE GOT también se usa para expresar obligacion pero eso lo veremos mas adelante.