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October 10, 2015Curso Pre-Intermediate, Grammar

Como usar correctamente For, Since y Ago en inglés – LECCION 63 GRAMMAR – GRAMATICA

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Gracias por seguir nuestras clases de inglés gratis. Hoy les entregamos la lección 63 de nuestro curso preintermedio de inglés. Vamos a hablar de FOR, SINCE  y AGO en inglés y aprenderemos como y cuando usarlos. Nuestras lecciones las recomendamos seguirlas en orden. Para poder entender mejor esta lección de inglés tienen que saber diversos tiempos verbales así que recuerden que si tienen alguna duda no olviden de ir a lecciones pasadas.

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For and since answer the question “How long?”. It is related to time and they are used in different ways.


We use SINCE + Start of a Period. We use since with the Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous. We DO NOT use since with the past, present simple or future.

– Carla has lived in New York since 2007.for since en ingles

– We have worked for this company since December.

– I have been teaching English since I came to Peru.

– Maria has been studying since 10:20.

*** SINCE se usa solamente con Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous y es seguido por el inicio de un periodo. No usamos SINCE con el pasado, presente simple o futuro.

  • FOR

We use FOR + Period of time (two hours, three days etc.) We can use FOR in ALL TENSES.

– I stayed in New York for five days.

– I am going to be on a holiday for two weeks.

– Mary has lived in Germany for a long time.

– Tom hasn’t seen Jim for ages.

– I was talking to Hans for almost three hours on the phone yesterday.

***  For se puede usar con cualquier tiempo verbal y es seguido por un periodo de tiempo.

  • AGO 

Ago = before now. We use ago only with past tenses. Ago goes at the end of the sentence.

– I lived  in New York ten years ago.

– I saw Felipe two hours ago.

– Mary was talking to Gustavo five minutes ago.


***  Ago solo se usa para tiempos del PASADO. Va casi siempre al final de la oración.


 Write for or since

1) Rachel has been in Chile ______ Monday.
2) Juan has lived in Canada ______ three years.
3) My brother has been in Australia ______ a long time.Cours-Anglais-For-Since-Ago
4) Mark is at home. He has been there ______ 7 o’clock.
5) Mexico has been an independant country ______ 1821.
6) The flight is delayed. I have been waiting ______ 20 minutes.
7) Juan is going to stay in Madrid ______ 5 days.
8) She has been smoking ______ she was eighteen years old.

Complete the sentences using the words in parenthesis with FOR or AGO

1) Rachel arrived in Brazil __________ (three days).
2) Juan has been in Brazil __________ (three days).
3) That couple has been married __________ (20 years).
4) Linda and Paul got married __________ (20 years).
5) We arrived __________ (10 minutes).
6) It started to rain __________ (an hour).
7) Teresa has been studying English __________ (six months)
8) I bought these shoes ____________ (a few days).

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