Como saludar en INGLES – Greetings in English

September 19, 2009Conversation / Speaking

Curso de ingles gratis – Básico – CONVERSATION – SPEAKING #3 – COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH # 3


Recuerden que hay una categoría en InglesTotal que es de inglés comunicativo. Esta sección esta destinada a ayudarles a comunicarse en diversas situaciones. Hoy hablaremos de las diversas formas de saludar en ingles.

Como saludar en ingles – Greetings in English

There are different ways of greeting people in English. Here are some examples:

Let’s look at other situations:


Menos formal / Informal

Hello Hi (there)/ Hey
Good morning Morning
Good afternoon Afternoon
Good Evening Evening
How are you? What’s up? / How’s it going? / How are you doing?  What’s new?What’s happening? / What’s going on?
  • Imagine you meet another person after a long time. What would you say?

Long time no see.
I haven’t seen you in ages.

  • You are surprised to see someone.

Hey Brian, nice to see you!
Hi there, what a surpise!
Well hello, what are you doing here? It is great to see you again.

  • You see someone you think you know. (Ven a alguien a quien creen conocer)

Hi, don’t I know you?
Hello there, aren’t you Maria’s husband?