Como ofrecer algo en INGLES

LECCION 19 : Curso gratis de INGLES nivel Básico / Elemental —– Conversation / Speaking #2

Today we are going to discuss how to offer something in English. We will also talk about the differences between DO YOU LIKE … ? vs WOULD YOU LIKE …?


Hoy hablaremos de como ofrecer algo en español. Recuerden que pueden bajar las lecciones a sus reproductores con tal solo hacer click en el link download (y si no pueden hacer click derecho en download y guardar vínculo como).

How do we offer something in English?

Now that we know the structure of some tenses (e.g Present simple, continuous, past, modal verb can, going to) it is important that we focus on PRODUCING and in thinking in English. Remember that we need to look at the situation and use the correct form and structure in English and AVOID TRANSLATING. We do not need to translate because this can be confusing.

** Ahora que sabemos algunas estructuras básicas es importante que sepamos que estructura usar en la situación indicada. Debemos EVITAR traducir oraciones completas ya que en Español muchas veces se utilizan distintas estructuras que en el INGLES. Veamos entonces como ofrecer algo en INGLES.

  • Using the verb “WANT”

We use the verb want to offer something in English. When we use the verb to want we to offer something we will use the present simple.

a) What do you want to drink?inglestotallogo
b) I want a glass of water.
a) Do you want to eat anything?
b) Sure. What is there?
a) There is some chicken.
b) Yeah, I want some chicken.

When we use want it is considered not very formal.


When we use a “verb” after the verb  like, we will use TO +INFINITIVE



Vern to want


I/we/you/they Want To study
He/she/it Wants To be famous

*** Recuerden que hay verbos a los cuales le siguen el infinitivo con el “to” por delante (como want) y hay verbos que son seguidos por el gerindio o forma -ing (como like)

  • Using WOULD YOU LIKE ?

We use would you like to offer something. It is a FORMAL WAY to offer. The structure of “would” is the same as the structure of “can”.

*** Como utilizar el “would”: Es muy simple. Lo usamos igual que el “CAN”. Si no saben como usar el “can” ir a LA LECCION 14 CLICK AQUI


a) What would you like to drink?
b) I’d (I + would) like some beer.
a) I am sorry, We don’t have any beer. Would you like some wine?
b) Yes, I would.
a) And what would you like to eat?
b) I’d like a sandwich.

Similar to want, when we use a “verb” after WOULD LIKE we will use the TO + INFINITIVE.



Would like Infinitive
I/we/you/they Would like To travel
He/she/it Would like To drink

*** recuerden que despues de would like va la forma to + infinitive. WOULD LIKE no es lo mismo que LIKE

would you like


Do you like?:

We use the verb like to talk about preferences (If you have questions READ LESSON 17)

a) Do you like apples? (Do you like it in GENERAL – We use the plural form if it is a countable noun)
b) Do you like dancing? (we use the gerund form after the verb to like)
Would you like?:

We use would like to offer.

a) Would you like an apple? ( we are offering an apple at the moment – we use singular if it is a countable noun
b) Would you like to go to the cinema? (We some TO + INFINITIVE after WOULD LIKE)