Vocabulario de Salud y de SINTOMAS en INGLES – English Health vocabulary

Lista de vocabulario y terminos relacionados con la SALUD– Health related vocabulary TERMS – LECCION 16 VOCABULARIO / Vocabulary

Today we are going to learn vocabulary related to our health. We are going to learn expressions to describe how we feel. It is important to practice and repeat the phrases.

Hoy tenemos vocabulario relacionado a nuestra salud. Despues de esta lección de vocabulario podremos decir como nos sentimos y descrbir los síntomas que tenemos.

We have different ways of saying that we don’t feel well or expressing pain. Let’s have a look at some options:

Expressing Symptoms

  • We use the “-ache” with (backache, earache, headache, stomachache, and toothache)

– I have a backache / headache / (an) earache / stomachache / toothache 
Imagen de Cambridge University press, New Interchange pg.73
  • For other body parts we can use the adjective sore which means painful to the touch or tender.

– I have a sore back / My back is sore / I have a sore throat

  • Hurt is a verb. It means to cause physical damage or pain.

–  My back hurts / My arm hurts / My elbow hurts >


Other body parts symptoms

Nose – I have allergies.
I’m sneezing a lot. (Sneeze: estornudar)


Throat (garganta)
– I have a sore throat
– I have a cough.


– I have a rash (sarpullido)



– I have a chest pain (pain: dolor)


Foot/leg/ankle (pie/pierna/tobillo)
– I sprained my ankle. (Sprain: to injure by a sudden twisting ligaments / torcer)

Other health related vocabulary



ache Dolor
cold Resfriado
cough Tos / toser
flu La gripe
heart attack Ataque al corazón
infection Infección
pain dolor

Health and Healthcare – Minor Injuries

bruise Moreton / contusionar (sustantivo/verbo)
cut Cortarse
wound Herida/herir (sustantivo/verbo)

Health and Healthcare – Treatment

bandage Bendaje
check-up Cheque medico
dose (of medicine) Dosis
drugs Medicina
injection Inyeccíon
give some an injection Aplicar inyección
medicine Medicina
take medicine Tomar medicina
operation Operación
pain-killer Analgésico
pill Pastille
tablet Tablet
tranquilizer Tranquilizante

Health and Healthcare – People

dentist Dentist
doctor Doctor
general practitioner Otro término para los médicos
midwife Partera
nurse Enfermera
patient Paciente
specialist Especialista
surgeon Cirujano

Health and Healthcare – Places

hospital Hospital
surgery Cirujia
waiting room Sala de espera

Health and Healthcare – Verbs

Catch (a cold) Cojer (un resfriado)
cure Curarse
heal Sanarse
hurt Herir/lastimar/doler
injure Herir
operate on Operar
prescribe Resetar
prescription Reseta
treat Tartar
treatment tratamiento

Health and Healthcare – Adjectives

fit Estar en forma
sick Enfermo
feel sick Sentirse enfermo
be sick Estar enfermo
vomit Vomitar
healthy Saludable
painful doloroso