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Today we are going to talk about the prepositions of time. We are also going to review the prepositions of place discussed and presented in LESSON #9 (CLICK HERE).

Hoy vamos a presentar las preposiciones de tiempo y también vamos a repasar las preposiciones de lugar que discutimos en la LECCION #9 (ENLACE AQUI)

Prepositions of place and time – Preposiciones en inglés

Before we start presenting more prepositions of place please review Lesson 9 (Link here).

Prepositions of place show where something is in relation to another object or person. They show “position” and help us describe where something is located in a sentence.

In lesson #9 we practiced the prepositions of place and today I would like to expand the conceptwith the rollowing rules.

Prepositions of place and time : IN / ON / AT

Use IN before:

– Countries and cities :Colombia, Bogota (Paises y ciudades)
– Buildings: a shop, a museum (Edificios)
– Months: February, June (Meses)
– Seasons: winter, summer (Estaciones del año)
– Years: 1998, 2003 (Años)
– Times of the day: morning, afternoon, evening – NOT night (Partes del día)

Use ON before:

– Transport: a bike, a bus, train, plane, a ship – NOT car (Transporte)
– A surface: the floor, a table, a shelf, the balcony, the roof, the wall (Superficies)
– Dates: March 1st (Fechas)
– Days: Tuesday, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day (Dias)

Use AT before:

– The following words: school, home, work, university, the airport, the station, a bus stop, a party, the door, night, the weekend
– Times: 6 o’clock, half past five, 4:45 pm (Hora)
– Festival periods: Christmas, Easter (Festivales)

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