Lista de verbos mas preposiciones en INGLES mas comunes

December 5, 2015Curso Pre-Intermediate, Grammar


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Hoy vamos a hablar de verbos comunes en inglés con preposiciones. Es un tema que confunde mucho a los estudiantes ya que muchos hacen lo más facil y logico: traducen. Por ejemplo cuando uno dice “Me gusta hablar de politica” uno puede traducir “hablar” como talk y “de” como of. Sin embargo lo correcto es “I like to talk about politics”. Como verán se usa “about” y no “of” o “from”. No hay una regla y son simples frases que hay que aprenderlas en contexto o memorizarlas.

En la lista a continuación presentamos una lista de verbos mas preposiciones en inglés mas comunes que hay. Es un buen punto de comienzo para comenzar a usar estos verbos más preposiciones en inglés. En la lista verán que algunos tienen una nota (*). Estos verbos pueden tener mas de una opción. Después de la lista pueden ver algunos apuntes referente a la lista publicada.

Lista de Verbos mas Preposiciones mas Comunes en Inglés

verbos mas preposiciones en ingles

  • We can ofter pun an -ing form after a preposition
    They talked about closing the school.
    I’m thinking of buying a motorbike.
    He apologized for losing the compositions.
    He insisted on coming with us.
  • (*) Some verbs can go with different prepositions, depending on the situation.
    I agree with you. / I agree about the football team.
    Lenny apologized to the teacher. / Lenny apologized for arriving late.
    What do you think of the concert? (What is your opinion?) /My parents are thinking about a holiday abroad this year. (They are considering it.)
    He writes for a newspaper. / He writes about sport. / Did you write to your mother?


1) Underline the correct word.

a) Do you believe in/for/about God?
b) Lydia asked about/for/to our holiday.
c) You need to ask someonewho knows of/about/with computers.
d) What I do next year depends on/of/to my grades.
e) I can’t stop thinking on/about/of the film. It was very disturbing.
f) She belongs to/with/in a sports club and goes there twice a week.
g) Dave was upset because everyone laughed at/about/for his new haircut.
h) We’re learning of/to/about the teacher or you’ll get into trouble.
j) Look at my new shirt. What do you think about/of/on it?

2) Complete the sentence with about,on,to,for,or at.

a) Don’t worry ________ the washing up. We’ll do it later.
b) You can’t rely ________ Rachel. She never arrives on time.
c) Listen ________ me or you won’t know what to do.
d) My mum has worked ________ the same company all her life.
e) In your answer you should refer ________ three different examples.
f) I waited ________ the bus but it didn’t come.
g) I don’t care ________ the result of the match because I don’t like football.
h) Jane was upset because Joel forgot ________ her birthday.
i) Everything will be okay if you apologize ________ the mistake.
j) James always complains ________ the food in the school canteen.
k) Jim paid ________ his holiday with the money he earned last summer.
l) Please look ________ me when I’m talking ________ you.

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