Conversacion corta en INGLES (Present Simple) English short conversation

March 12, 2010Conversation / Speaking

Curso de inglés en línea gratuito – “Interview using the present simple” CONVERSATION / SPEAKING #7

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Today we have a short interview in English that uses the present simple tense. Marisu interviews your virtual teacher at the beach.

Hoy les traemos una entrevista hecha por nuestra profesora Marisu a Carlos. Escuchen y vean como usan el present simple y de allí repitan algunas frases importantes.

Before doing these activities remember to review the present simple if you have doubts. (Antes de continuar con la actividad, asegurense de saber como usar el “present simple“)

Links to review Present Simple: Lesson 10a, Lesson 10b, Lesson 27

 A few days ago my wife and I went to San Bartolo beach near the coast of Lima, Peru. We stayed in a hotel very close to the ocean and spent only two days. We sunbathed and rested at the beach and at night we went the the disco “Bach”.  We also ate cebiche and seafood. During our stay, I asked Marisu to interview me focusing on using the Present Simple. The following is the transcript of the conversation.

Conversation Transcript: (First listen without reading)

M: Hi, what’s your name?
C: I’m, Carlos
M: Where are you from?
C: I’m from Peru, actually, I’m from Chosica (a town near Lima)
M:Chosica. What’s your nationality?
C: I’m Peruvian.
M: Great. I’m Peruvian too. How old are you?
C: I’m thirty one years old,  I’m old.
M: Oh, I’m twenty seven.
C: Yeah right.
M: Hahaha, and, are you single?
C: No, I’m not. I’m married.
M: Oh, and, what do you do?
C: I’m a teacher and also I’m an administrator, like a manager, and as you all know, I’m a blogger.
M: Where do you work?
C: Well, I work on the Internet and then I teach at different locations but the main office is in Miraflores.
M: Miraflores, nice place. And, where do you live?
C: I live in Surco, Santiago de Surco.
M: Who do you live with?
C: I live with of course my wife Marisu, my sister and mother-in-law, and also my wife’s grandmother.
M: OK, Tell me about your wife.
C: Well, my wife is a teacher too. She works at centre de Idiomas San Martin de Porres and she’s very beautiful.
M: And, what’s she like? (question about description)
C: Well um, she’s smart. She’s tall. She has brown hair and she’s a great person; she’s very easygoing.
M: Great and, what do you like doing in your free time?
C: Well, I like going to the movies.
M: Ok. How often do you go to the movies?
C: I go… well before, we used to (solíamos) go every week but now we go maybe once or twice a month.
M:What kind of movies do you like?
C: I would say that we like horror and dramas.
M: Ok. And, do you like eating out?
C: Oh yes. We love eating out.
M: What kind of restaurants do you like?
C: Well, we love seafood so we usually go to “cebicherias”. It’s very common here, it’s a very common dish here “el cebiche peruano” and every week we go out and.. eighty percent of the time we have cebiche.
M: Here in Lima we have some nice restaurants, right?
C: Yeah.
M: And tell me. What’s Lima like?
C: Well, Lima is a very big city. It’s the capital of Peru and it is very crowded, uhh, it’s polluted but also it is very interesting. You can do many things but I think that the most common thing to do is to go out and dance, go to discos and eat. You know the food here is amazing I recommend it.
M: Ok, and what about dancing? Do you like to dance?
C: Yes yes. I love dancing but umm, we don’t go often although yesterday we went dancing. It was very fun.
M: Ok Carlos. It was a pleasure talking to you.
C: Thank you very much Marisu.
M: Bye. See you then.

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