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April 21, 2016Conversation / Speaking

Conversación acerca de comer saludablemente – SECCION: Conversation / Speaking Activity #33

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Nos es grato estar con ustedes nuevamente para ayudarles a aprender y practicar inglés gratis. Hoy tenemos nuestra actividad número 32 en nuestra sección de conversación. en esta oportunidad vamos a compartir una entrevista hecha por el profesor Carlos a Stephanie Ventura que tiene diversos canales en Youtube en donde habla de diversas cosas y entre ellas el de comer saludablemente. Esta conversación es en inglés y para un nivel de preintermedio en adelante. La transcripción de esta conversación la pueden encontrar en la parte inferior. Si quieren más audios y clases de conversación visitén nuestra sección de Speaking en  ESTE VINCULO.

Aprender inglés no solo se trata de seguir clases de gramática o aprender listas de vocabulario. Tenemos que escuchar e interactuar con el idioma real. Es por ello que vamos a empezar a compartir material propio y real de conversaciones e entrevistas. En esta oportunidad Stephanie viene a hablarnos un poco de ella y de lo que hace en Internet. El tema es acerca de comer saludablemente y se van a dar cuenta que nuestra conversación no es igual a los de los Student Books o libros de aprendizaje. Es un inglés real. Esta entrevista no fue ensayada y escrita. Lo que escuchan es una conversación entre 2 amigos que no se ven hace mucho tiempo hablado del tema mencionado.

El audio lo encuentran en el reproductor en la parte superior y la transcripción a continuación. Recomiendo primero relajarse y escuchar la conversación sin ver la transcripción. De ahí pueden verla para despejar dudas. Al final de esta entrada dejaré los vínculos a los canales de youtube de Stephanie y páginas web. Les recomiendo visitarlas ya que además de aprender como comer bien y otros temas, pueden practicar inglés.

Transcripción de la conversación en audio 

conversacion ingles comer saludablemente

C: Carlos / S: Stephanie

C: Ok so we are here today with a special person. We are going to have an interview a friend of mine. How are you?

S: Good how are you?

C: I’m great.

S: I’m happy to be here.

C: Awesome. Tell me about yourself. So, they can also know who you are.

S: Ok, well my name is Stephanie Ventura but most of my friends call me Steph. Uh, I’m from Peru. I was born in Lima and I was raised in the United States but I returned to Lima in 2009 so I’ve been living in Lima for about 6 years because last year I went to live in Europe for a year.

C: Oh ok. So, are you married, single?

S: I’m single of course. I’m so young.

C: And um, well, she’s here because today we are going to feature her video blog, correct?

S: Yes.

C: Can you explain first what is a video blog?

S: So a video is a vblog for short. It’s basically um, videos you make about your personal life. So, I have a youtube channel and I try to make videos on my experiences at healthier restaurants or educational videos about health and sometimes I include personal videos which are vblogs about what I do in my life and new things like that.

C: Ok, so what is a healthy diet?

S: Yeah so, a lot of people have an idea, their own idea, about what a healthy diet is. We all have different views about this and I think, in general, most of us can agree that a healthy diet includes having lots of fruits and vegetables, very little processed food, so packaged food, things like that; soda, avoid those things and having good quality protein. So, if you like meat, good quality fish, chicken, meat or if you’re  vegan or vegetarian making sure you have good protein sources.

C:Now, all the people think that eating healthily means that you’re not going to enjoy food so, do you think that eating is a chore, a duty or pleasure?

S: No, I think eating is definitely a pleasure for me um, I think before, It was just something that I thought I enjoyed, that I thought was pleasurable, but only now do I really feel that it’s totally pleasurable because I’m eating healthier versions of the foods that I used to eat and it makes me feel good to be able to make better choices and still enjoy the same kinds of food.

C: Ok, and you told me that you don’t eat meat, correct?

S: Yes, I don’t eat meat, or chicken or fish.

C: And why is that?

S: Because I am vegan.

C: Does that mean you’re vegetarian? Is there a difference?

S: No, there is a big difference. So vegetarians, there’s different types of vegetarians and they have the option to eat cheese or eggs. Some people claim that it’s ok to also include fish and call yourself vegetarian other people call that pescetarian. Um, but in general vegetarians can consume some animal products just not the meat usually. A vegan does not eat any meat at all or any derivatives, so any products that come from animals like butter, cheese, honey and we also, as vegans, we try to promote more compassion and sustainability so we also don’t use or wear any clothes that are made with animals or that try to exploit people in the process of making clothes, um, and what else, we just try to reduce our impact in the world.

C: Now, living in Peru that sounds difficult to do because, Peruvian food of course, internationally known what do you do with that? I mean,  what kind of food do you eat here?

S: Yeah, It was very difficult for me at first to make the transition because we in Peru are known for our gastronomy and we love our food and there’s so many options now, but in Europe last year I really learned how to manage that situation better so now I know that it’s just a matter of educating yourself on the locations where you do have options to eat that suit your needs. So now I know of all of these vegan restaurants or vegetarian restaurants with vegan options that have food choices for me.

C: Just a couple of questions about those options, what’s your favorite fruit?

S: I love Chirimoya.

C: Chirimoya, do we find that in the States or in other parts?

S: They have it in the States, yes. A subscriber of mine from youtube he watched a video that I did on Chirimoya and he tasted it and said it was really delicious.

C: That’s my favorite one too. And vegetables, what’s your favorite one?

S: Uuu, vegetables, I don’t love vegetables so much. I love them but I prefer fruit.

C: So, a vegan that doesn’t like vegetables

S: I like vegetables but I prefer fruit. I would say my favorite vegetable is carrots. I can eat carrots like a rabbit.

C: Raw.

S: Raw ones, yeah. I love them.

C: Has your diet changed since moving here to Peru? Of course, right?

S: Umm, I guess so because I left Europe in the winter time so when I came here it was Summer, so in Europe I was eating again cooked foods, warm foods because I mostly eat raw foods and vegetables whenever possible but I came here in the Summer and we have really delicious good quality fruits so we I was eating a lot of fruit in the beginning.

C: Um so please, I want you to talk to my audience and tell them exactly where to find you and how to get all these tips on how to eat better and healthily.

S: Ok, so if you’re interested, I have a few youtube channels. You can find my on youtube as “Vida Sana Movement” and this is because it’s a blend of the Spanish speaking and English speaking cultures I guess in my life and I really want to create a movement and if you are wanting to travel to Peru you can also find me as “Stefs Peru Travel Tips”.

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