Conversación en Ingles – Almorzando – Having Lunch

Having Lunch – Almorzando – SECCION: Conversation / Speaking Activity #43

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One of the best situations where we can interact and have great conversations is when we have a meal. Having lunch for example is one time during the day when we can relax and share with others at work, home or with friends. In today’s lesson we are going to share phrases and vocabulary related to when we have lunch.

What you say over lunch

–  Thanks for inviting me to lunch.
–  Where would you like to sit?
–  What are you having then? —– (What are you going to have then)
–  You can’t go wrong with the duck.
–  Have you been here before?
–  Do you eat out much?
– I’ll have the same as him. / I’ll have what he’s having.
– Do you want to share the dessert?
– This is on me. / I’ll get this one.

Observations:(More in the audio)

– Thanks for is uses to say thank you. If you want to follow this by an “Action” we use the ING form e.g “Thanks for coming today”.

– Remember that we can use the present continuous for future if we have a future arrangement. “What are you going to have?” can be expresses as “What are you having?” (Para aprender como usar el Present Continuous para el futuro vaya a la leccion 51 AQUI)


What you say to the waiter/waitress.

– I have a reservation under the name of Jones. / I’ve booked a table under the name of Jones.
–  Can I have the check please?
–  I’ll have the soup as a starter, please.
–  I’ll have the steak please.
– I’ll stick to sparkling water.

Observations:(More in the audio)

– When we want to order food we can use the following expressions: Can I have some pizza? / I would like some pizza. / I want some pizza. / I’ll have some pizza.


What the waiter/waitress says

–  Are you ready to order yet?
–  What would you like as a starter?
–  What do you want for the main course?
–  How would you like your steak? rare, medium or well-done?

Observations:(More in the audio)

– When we want to offer something we can use: Would you like …? / Do you want …?


Peter: This is nice
John: Yes, I often come here for lunch.
Peter: What do you recommend then?
John: Well, the steak is great here. And the salads are delicious.
Peter: I think I’ll have the steak. What will you be drinking?
John: I think I’ll stick to sparkling water.
Peter: yeah. Me too. I don’t like to drink at lunchtime.
John. So I heard that you moved offices, is that right?
Peter: Yeah, that’s right. We relocated to an office downtown. Oh, look, here’s the waiter.
Waiter: Good afternoon. Can I get you anything to drink?
John: Yes, please. I ‘ll have the sparkling water.
Peter: And the same for me, please.
Waiter: Ok, I’ll be right back to take your orders.

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