Vocabulary Describing people, describir personas en ingles fisicamente (Lesson 3- Vocabulary)

September 18, 2008Vocabulary / Vocabulario

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Vocabulary Lesson # 3:

In this lesson we are going to talk about describing people’s appearance. This will be divided in general, height, weight, face & head and age.


  • Height  – Tamaño (Figura 1 a la derecha)

Tall (alto) —— Short (bajo)Describing people

medium height (Average height) —— estatura promedio

Look at the figure # 1 –>


How tall is Mary Pimm?

– She’s 1.60 meters tall. She is medium height.

And Tom?

– He’s 1.48 meters tall. He’s very short.

  • Weight – Peso

Thin/slim —— delgado(a)

Fat / Overweight —— Gordo(a)

Medium weight (average weight)

Figura # 2

Vocabulario en ingles

  • Hair- Cabello

Length of hair (Tamano del cabello) – Figura #3

Short —— corto

Vocabulario ingles espanol

long —— largo


Wavy —— ondeado

striaght —– lacio

curly —– frizado

  • Face and head (figura # 4)

Skin color (color de piel)

White /fair —— blanco

Dark / black —— Oscuro / negro

Olive skin —— Piel trigueñ+a

Beard —— barba

moustache —— bigote

Examples (look at the figure):

describir personas en ingles

-Sally has dark skin and black curly hair. (We can also say “Sally is black”)

-Polly has white skin and long straight hair. (We can also say “Polly is white”)

-Billy has a long beard.

– Harry has a mustache.

We can use the verb to have to describe skin color, to say if a person has a beard or mustache and to describe hair.


– Will Smith has dark skin

– My father has a long beard


WHat are they like? (¿Cómo son ellos?) – FIGURA 5

vocabulary description

1) Suzanna has white skin long blond hair and is pretty.

2 Jeff is white and has a beard.

3) Caroline has long hair and is very tall.

4) Dick has long brown hair and a mustache.


Exercises vocabulary

* FIGURAS Y EJERCICIOS DE Vocabulary IN USE  (Cambridge)

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