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Video para practicar INGLES: “Batman Spoof” Parodia de BATMAN

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Videos para aprender y practicar INGLES - “BATMAN SPOOF” – Una parodia de BATMAN BEGINS – Video #15


Welcome to InglesTotal and today we are going to present another video to learn and practice vocabulary in English. We are going to present a spoof of the movie Batman Begins which was made by the MTV Movie Awards Production in 2005. Enjoy.

Hoy les traemos un nuevo video para practicar inglés. Quiero reiterar que es importante encontrar diversas formas de practicar inglés y de aprender vocabulario y por esta razon hacemos estos videitos. No se encierren solo en reglas y libros y encuentren diferentas formas de gozar del aprendizaje del inglés

This is a very funny spoof based on the movie Batman Begins. Remember to first watch the video and try to understand as much as you can. After that you can take a look at the transcript and make sure you understand most of it. Finally, REPEAT THE PHRASES THAT YOU LIKED. This is an important part of the video exercise. Learning phrases is the natural was of learning so don’t forget to listen and repeat.


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Hi yeah, the name is Jimmy Fallon
I’m supposed to have a car here about a half an hour ago
and I…
No. I don’t think you understand
I am hosting the 2005 MTV Movie awardsHost : ser el anfitrión
Yes, MTV has movie awards.
Jimmy Fallon
Yeah, ok well just get the car here pronto ok?
Cause I have to be there…Cause : because
… soon
Thanks man I really appreciate
Freaking Batman is my ride?
How cool is that
Dude I totally have your face all over my underpantsUnderpants: Calzoncillos  (es un chiste ya que en USA es muy común para los niños usar calzoncillos  de batman o de otros super héroes)- LINK AQUI para entender el chiste
Stay calmStay calm: mantener la calma
Uh, yeah, totally calm. Everybody calm that’s great
Totally cool
Hey everybody. I am in the car with Batman!
I have his face all over my underpants!
Hey, do you mind if I get a picture of you?Do you mind? : Se utilize para pedir favores
My friends are never going to believe this
Hold itHold: esperar un momento
Hold it
Hold it wait,
I pressed the wrong button
My bad
He’s in a vehicle
Make of car?Make of car : frase “¿tipo o marca de carro?
That’s a black tank
I’m on himI’m on him: estoy detras de el
That makes two of us cause I’m also on him
Two… as well… OVEROver: cambio (como cuando uno habla por radio “cambio y fuera”)
Nice…That was… that, that
Someone was hurt in that oneHurt: lastimado
Who is this guy?
I don’t know but he’s in a tank
Does that sound right?Sound: sonar
Hey there goes TANKMAN…
Just tanking around town… over
Breathe slowlyBreathe: respirar
Breathe, breathe slowly? but Why?
You’ve been poisonedPoison: envenenar / veneno
That’s putting it lightly
Where is the AC?AC: Air conditioner
Dear MTV, driving with crazy person might be late
Frowny face exclamation point… sendFrowny : para triste
Dude you missed a spot back there if you want
Hold on
Ok well you got it that went smooth yeah
Turn off your engine step away from the carStep away: alejarse
All right look, Batman
You’re my hero ok?
But you’re driving…
Where are you going?
Oh? A Batman doll…What are the odds?What are the odds? : ¿Cuales son las posibilidades?
He’s flying on rooftopsRooftops: techos
He’s flying on rooftops
That’s just what I said Phil
AH, after three decades of work
and over 10 thousand shingles lead by handShingles: tejas
I’m finally done!
CURSE YOU TANKMANCurse: maldecir
You know, this is a really comfortable ride
if you know you’re hitting everything you see
Air 1 to ground, we lost visual
We made it
Stay with me
Stay with you in what sense?
wholly awkward moment BatmanAwkward : strange: raro
stop, what are you doing?
Stop, hey .. QUIT IT, stop!
What kind of super hero are you anyway?

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