Verbo Gustar – Like – Como Expresar Preferencias en INGLES

LECCION 18 – Do you like … ? – Conversation / Speaking  #1

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Hello students and visitors. I hope you had a great Easter and today we will talk about the verb to like in the present simple which we use to talk about preferences.

Present Simple (verb to like)

USE (Think in ENGLISH!)
We use the verb to like in the present simple to talk about PREFERENCES or to express interest about something or someone.

  • Subject + verb to like + NOUN

When we talk about nouns (what is a noun?) after the verb to like we talk about things in general therefore we use THE PLURAL FORM for countable nouns.


– I like mangoes. ( NOT: i like a mango)
– Do you like dogs or cats?
– What kind of movies does your friend like?

With nouns that are UNCOUNTABLE (nouns you cannot form in plural e.g. RICE, WATER, MUSIC) we DO NOT put it in a plural form obviously.


– Maria likes beer. (NOT: Maria likes beers because beer in an uncountable noun in English)
– What kind of music do you like?
– I like Italian food.

  • Subject + verb to like + “verb” GERUND FORM (-ing)

When we want to use a “verb” as a complement we use the verb in the gerund form (-ING ENDING e.g dancing, going out, running, swimming etc)


– I like going to the disco.
– My wife likes cooking.
– What do you like doing?


In American English you can use the gerund OR the infinitive form after the verb to like.


Carlos likes teaching English — OR — Carlos likes to teach English.

*** Notas del profesor.
Vemos que el verbo to like es para hablar de preferencias y de gustos en el PRESENT SIMPLE. Si el complemento es un sustantivo usamos la forma plural a no ser que sea un sustantivo no contable. Cuando se use el verbo en el complemento usamos la forma gerundia que es el verbo mas la terminación “ING”.

En en inglés americano se puede usar en infinitivo (to dance) en vez de el gerundio. En InglesTotal vamos a recomendar usar la forma gerundio porque los mejores libros lo recomiendan y en muchos examenes tendrán que usar la forma de gerundio.

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